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Gerard W Schneider DDS, PC


Dr. Schneider,
First I would like to say thank you for choosing me to be your patient. This has been an experience of a lifetime. I want to thank you for your time, hard work, patience, and generosity. I think you are the greatest along with your staff, especially Michelle. Because of you and Smiles for Success my self-confidence has been boosted and I can smile big n' pretty. There really aren't any words to express my gratitude, but you have truly made me feel like a star! Thank you so much Dr. Schneider
-Michelle H.

Dear Dr. Schneider,
Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what you were able to do for me. After 30 years, the crowns on my upper teeth were an embarrassment to me. They were of different sizes, discolored, and very bulbous. I was very conscious of this every time I smiled. In a routine visit I asked if you could replace them with the crowns that I would be proud to show. You welcomed the challenge. Little did you or I know of the work involved to make that happen.

We embarked on this project sometime ago. Today, I have gorgeous crowns that I am proud to show the world. No one can imagine the time and effort that you and your staff put into this project. I recall the first visit to remove the old crowns and see what was underneath. That appointment started at seven in the morning and ended at five-thirty in the afternoon. I don't need to mention the various problems that you had to overcome in my mouth - I'm sure those things are still vivid in your memory.

I am ever so grateful that you are the perfectionist that you are. One crown that was seated and seemed just a shade crooked was removed replaced, even though you had already worked for hours. My teeth now are opaque, even, and a gorgeous white color. I will think of the marvelous work that you performed every time I smile, or catch a glimpse of my teeth in a mirror. Thank you so very much!!
-Sondra E.